Wander Soul | Bohol

Day 1: Bohol, Philippines (Part 2)

Thank you guys for the positive feedback on my previous post. Finding the will to continue writing for part 2 of our Bohol day tour is somewhat hard because motivation just keeps on coming back and forth. So if you guys haven’t read part one yet, feel free to read it here: Day 1: Bohol, Philippines (Part 1). It was Sunday late lunch when we almost checked all of what’s on the list (Countryside only). We had baon from McDo to refrain ourselves from buying food anywhere else. Continue Reading

Wander Soul | Bohol

Day 1: Bohol, Philippines (Part 1)

Finally! It’s so good to be back. I don’t really know where to start as if I already forgot how to blog. For some of you who’ve been following me on twitter, well you know how hectic schedule was during the last semester, plus now that I am taking summer classes — school works, team no sleep & more. So for now, let’s get in to my recent whereabout. A week ago, my parents decided to spend labor day weekend at Bohol. Well ofcourse, lucky enough they treated me and my boyfriend so we were able to come. So that’s a big shoutout to my parents and to my sister for financing this trip, thank you. Also, I’d like to thank Kenneth, my boyfriend, for helping me out with the tweaking and making my blog a little bit more appealing, mwa. Continue Reading

Wander Soul | Lintaon Peak

A Quick Visit To Baybay City’s Lintaon Peak

So my parents only planned to go to our neighboring city, Baybay, to buy something we might use for the new year. But we ended up being at the top of a peak embracing the strong touch of the wind and the beautiful scenery. For people who’s got no idea where Baybay is located, it’s an hour or two drive away from Ormoc City. So basically, it’s in Leyte. Oh well can’t complain, random drives will forever be my favorite!

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how im able to go on little trips
Note Worthy

How I’m Able To Go On Little Trips

Whenever people would ask me how I’m able to travel, I cringe. I cringe over the fact of being labeled as “traveler” when in all honesty I haven’t even been to places that far. Some people would say I have a “wonderful” life, then there’s me laughing because maybe it’s true or maybe not. I grew up in a family who loves to go local places. I remember trekking early morning to a 1300 ft. mountain when I was still a grader then we’d go directly to a 500-steps shrine. Awwe, I was still so small when I started hike adventures. Although now that I am in college we don’t do it often as a family, rather I do it on my own or with my friends. Things back then compared to what I do now is reasonably different. Before, I don’t need to take away money from my wallet, but today, I’m in task of calculating and budgeting it on my own whenever I want to go out. So I’ve decided to make a short list just so you might want to know.  Continue Reading

Tinago Falls | Wander Soul

Undiscovered Paradise: Tinago Falls of Biliran Island

It was a dried out Saturday evening when suddenly my parents decided to go out and get some groceries for our trip the next day, Sunday. I was so confused, yet very excited since it was my first time to set foot in Biliran Island, which is a bit far from our place. My parents had their first step on the island a few months back before their visit with me. Every time we go out of town, I would always suggest chips to munch and chocolates to enjoy while on the road. Seated at the front seat of the car, I was in awe of the green and well-preserved tall trees along the way. I enjoyed every inch of it. Continue Reading

Kawasan Falls | Wander Soul

Nature Adventure: Kawasan Falls of Badian, Cebu

Whenever I hear something about South Cebu, Kawasan Falls is always on top of the list to visit. It was only last year that I heard something about it, and it was also last year when I was too eager to visit the place but never actually aimed for it. I’m just too happy that before this year would end, I finally got to experience one of Badian’s lucky charms, the Kawasan falls. And when we hear of Kawasan Falls, in no doubt, Canyoneering is the best extreme activity that everyone should try. A waterfall sounds a bit frightening for someone who can’t swim, well, like me. Feel free to laugh, mister. To be honest, it’s not only the beauty of the water falling that excites me, but the trek through a blazing trail just to reach that certain spot, and then next, dipping on the side of the water is what could terribly make my adventure completely astonishing.  Continue Reading