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Nature Adventure: Kawasan Falls of Badian, Cebu

Whenever I hear something about South Cebu, Kawasan Falls is always on top of the list to visit. It was only last year that I heard something about it, and it was also last year when I was too eager to visit the place but never actually aimed for it. I’m just too happy that before this year would end, I finally got to experience one of Badian’s lucky charms, the Kawasan falls. And when we hear of Kawasan Falls, in no doubt, Canyoneering is the best extreme activity that everyone should try. A waterfall sounds a bit frightening for someone who can’t swim, well, like me. Feel free to laugh, mister. To be honest, it’s not only the beauty of the water falling that excites me, but the trek through a blazing trail just to reach that certain spot, and then next, dipping on the side of the water is what could terribly make my adventure completely astonishing.  Continue Reading

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Megaworld Opens The Mactan Newtown Beachfront

The 11.5-hectare beachfront property area of The Mactan Newtown, Megaworld’s 30-hectare township in Mactan Island, is now open to the public.

The beachfront area lets you enjoy water activities such as Stand Up Paddling, Jet Skis, Banana Boat and more, or relax with family and friends while appreciating the white sand shores and unparalleled views of the Hilutungan Channel and Magellan Bay.

Open from 7AM to 7PM, you can already have a fun day under the sun for only Php 150 on weekdays and Php 199 on weekends.

Formerly known as the Portofino Beach Resort, The Mactan Newtown’s beachfront area will soon feature an exclusive, world-class beach club and more sports facilities that will further promote an active lifestyle by the beach.

For more information, visit http://themactannewtown.com.ph/.

Disclosure: This article was provided by Megaworld Corporation PR and Media Affairs

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach Resort
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Tangkaan Beach Resort

I almost forgot I still have pending post about my summer, and I’m trying to remember when was this, lol. Well, summer went off so fast that I am so bothered being not ready for school. I’ve been posting a lot about our summer trips to Southern Leyte on my Instagram, and Tangkaan was one of the places we’ve visited again. Tangkaan Beach Resort is located at the Southern tip of Maasin City, in Padre Burgos. Tangkaan beach consists of beautiful rock formations and proves to be different from the many since it is a white sand beach, thus making the water so clear, while the rest of Leyte’s beaches is made of black sand.   Continue Reading

Wander Soul | Monte Cueva
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Monte Cueva, Maasin, Southern Leyte: A Holy Place

This summer, perhaps, one of the best gifts I could spoil myself is to go to places I’ve been to before. Being a “probinsyana” (countrywoman) residing in Leyte, of course, has a lot of perks. Not only that I get to eat a lot because it’s summer break and I’m home, but also because Leyte as a whole has a lot of hidden paradise to bargain. One of which is one of Southern Leyte’s Holy places, Monte Cueva. This uphill shrine’s been existing for a very long time now, however there are still a lot of workings to be made. Continue Reading

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort
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Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort: South’s Gem

It was after a bloody long week of final exams when I finally had a moment by the beach on our Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort excursion on the 2nd of April. I had a great time, though it would be more great if my monthly visit didn’t fall on the same day. It was so hassle, so painful but no worries because I had fun. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is located on serene Sumilon Island. It is located on the Southeastern tip of Cebu’s mainland. The island has an area of 24-hectares and is surrounded with a sparkling, clean water.  Continue Reading

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5 Reasons Why I Opted To Go Solo

Solo travelling, going solo, or being alone for a trip doesn’t always equate to being lonely. For the so many reasons, solo travel has been a vogue in sightsee. I never held this opportunity to go solo as something I could show off just because it’s a trend, but something I could keep and buoy up that everyone can actually do it even for a day  ̶̶  expensive or not. I never actually thought I’d venture into something that is kind of unattainable, but now that I already made my first attempt it’s kind of a dream come true to me. My experience is a proof that even a scaredy-cat can absolutely be successful with it. I feel delighted, it’s never easy but I’ve managed to do so. And there are quite a lot of attainable reasons as to why I opted to go solo. Continue Reading