5 Reasons Why I Opted To Go Solo

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Solo travelling, going solo, or being alone for a trip doesn’t always equate to being lonely. For the so many reasons, solo travel has been a vogue in sightsee. I never held this opportunity to go solo as something I could show off just because it’s a trend, but something I could keep and buoy up that everyone can actually do it even for a day  ̶̶  expensive or not. I never actually thought I’d venture into something that is kind of unattainable, but now that I already made my first attempt it’s kind of a dream come true to me. My experience is a proof that even a scaredy-cat can absolutely be successful with it. I feel delighted, it’s never easy but I’ve managed to do so. And there are quite a lot of attainable reasons as to why I opted to go solo.

1. It is more exciting than the usual travel in groups

Of course, being in group has a lot of perks. Being in group is crazier, but being alone can be a lot more exciting than you thought. I had all these terrible scenarios running in my head before I considered it as an attempt, it’s natural, but I never expected it to be really exhilarating. I had to be quick, and be mindful of my surroundings. I was asked if I have friends waiting for me somewhere, but then I told them none then their faces went “really?” It’s actually fun and wasn’t so awkward at all. It is more exciting in a very ironic manner since you are alone but you will never feel extra forlorn.

2. I want to slay my introverted side

However, this will never guarantee you from being away with your introversion for a lifetime. But this will push you through with your limits and would finally offer the strength of character to stir in.  An example for this would probably be asking directions, so since you are alone you can never really mutter your words back from escaping it. In the end, it’ll just make you talk and be more friendly with everyone.

3. I don’t want to tag along someone with my doubts

I’ve always been so erratic with my own decisions. Yes, even when I’m the one who planned for something and asks for someone to come along. Well, most of my friends know about this thing about me. I was once hated by my friend for my inconsistency, and therefore, I am so over it. So with the awareness that it has been contagious, I took part on planning it on my own and then travelled solo without the curse of my friends lol. But of course, they are aware that maybe this time, it’s a pace for me to weigh up on to the things that will help me grow up.

4. I want to be more responsible

Quite a lazy wanderer, I’d been to many failed attempts just because I was too irresponsible. Yes, irresponsible in a way that I woudn’t mind being cluttered and confused with my disposition. Am I making any sense? Well, to be honest, before everything started to swing path I had this stance of not making a shot to pursue something I would really want to happen in my life. I used to be this “Okay, I want to go out tomorrow I’ll just prepare stuff before I leave” being. But the changes in circles attracted me that now being organized and ready is a necessity. It helped me build this responsible ego.

I’m in task of my own savings.

I should be more keen with my surroundings.

I should know which one to buy or not.

Time management.

The listings (budget, where to, itinerary, and etc.)

5. I want to have fun with my own exploration without hesitations

Well basically, I just wanted to enjoy and know myself better. Not your usual moving story, I had been away from being too close to my inner being. I know we somehow get this feeling of not knowing ourselves anymore, and with me, a lot of instances challenged me to bring back how the physical me and my consciousness bonded. Of all the trials and the errors, going out solo has luckily been one of the reasons why my enthusiasm to go out again is recurring. I tell you, it’s so fulfilling in any sense.

If I did it, I know you can too.

Have you tried going out solo? How was your experience?

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  1. My only worries when it comes to traveling solo would be 2 things : safety and expenses. Most of the places I want to visit are not tourist-friendly, lol. Second, expenses usually double or triple if you’re traveling alone since most destinations give cheaper rates if you go by groups. Other than that, I would love to go alone given all the points you’ve mentioned! 🙂

    Ochi | Ochi In The City
    Ochi recently posted…Conquering Cebu : Tan-Awan, OslobMy Profile

    1. I usually research ahead, then checks my money Hahaha I don’t really decide on to something that fast kasi mahirap na ang gipit. Lol and yes, safety is one of the main reasons din kung bakit ako natatakot eh haha pero keri lang ate Ochi.

  2. Kudos on being able to travel alone, Lou! I can never seem to push myself to do it. I can go to the cinemas solo, shop solo, have lunch for a whole month solo but travelling puts so many doubts in my head that always makes me back down. I can see the enticement of being able to control your own time, though – sometimes slow-moving travel buddies irk me. Haha!

    1. You’ve mentioned you can go solo to cinemas, shopping and lunch but that’s the same with going out of the city alone. If you can do those things alone, then sure you’ll survive travelling solo. Hope you’d really get into that phase soon, Richel. It’s so exciting, fun despite the mind cringing scenarions running through your head 🙂

  3. I admire your guts and courage to go solo Lou. haha, I remember I traveled alone for the sake of love but when I was over it I realized how scary it was. I’d love to try wandering solo but this time around I wanted to do it for myself. This is such an inspiration Lou 🙂 Good luck on this new journey! 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your next solo trip.

    Rica | http://www.sassycebuannachic.com
    rica recently posted…DAZZLING REDMy Profile

  4. I’m looking forward to get lost in an unfamiliar place soon. This post makes me more excited! Glad you went on a trip on your own Lou! Such a brave thing to do being an introvert. Hope I can do this with ease too.
    Alissa recently posted…Life in Photos 10My Profile

  5. I agree that when we travel in group, there’s that extra pressure that we’re spending not just our time, but others’ as well. I guess that’s one of the reasons why people travel solo as well. Looking forward to travel on my own when I get to as well.
    Shaw recently posted…How to Create an Annoying CharacterMy Profile

  6. I’ve never traveled on my own. I’m literally scared of everything. If I get into that bus by myself, there’s a chance I might cry a little. I know how exciting it is to travel alone, I’m just not ready yet.
    This post is inspiring lou! I hope someday I can do the same, to be more responsible through this.
    Kandice recently posted…Coffee & Small talks #1My Profile

    1. I just tried it out, since I know this will never be something I’d totally love doing for the rest of my life. It’s cool to be with friends, but somehow being alone is something one must really try 🙂 Thanks Steve.

  7. Waaaa! You’ve just activated my desire to travel solo, Lou! Haha Never tried solo traveling yet but you know I have this “date-yoself” habit and just like you, I realized that giving yourself a break or treating yourself once in a while gives you a restoring feel. Solo traveling seems a bit challenging but definitely rewarding!! 🙂
    Cheryle recently posted…Before + After Publishing A Blog PostMy Profile

  8. I’m so jelly that you found your courage to travel solo, I can never find mine. Not yet, at least. But I’ve been dying to try! May I ask what places you’ve visited – solo? 🙂

  9. There are perks on travelling solo and there is also consequence in it especially when you’re a girl. As much as I want to try and experience it, my parents won’t allow probably because i’m a girl. Lucky you that got to experience such thing. Tbh, you my brother do think the same about travelling solo, if you have time do check his ig to see all the places his been too on a solo trip. @overrrey

    xoxo, rej | reeejoyce.com

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