About Lou

Wander Soul

sup, i’m lou and i’m awkward

A homebody, a pessimist and plainly melancholic. However, she’s managed to catch the errors and strolled in pursuit of a beautiful soul journey. She’s different, she talk less and worry more. She’s undeniably shy, but somehow rude. She overthinks the possibility, and never mind the situation. Trust me, she can be a bit boring at times, but she’s nice.

Oh hey! It’s Lou, that’s short for Louella. I am a film student at the University of San Carlos. I like to faff around in bed on a rainy day and night. I have this severe dislike to marshmallows and anything that has too much veggies on it. I’d settle on iced tea and movie than coffee and books. I’m a sucker for fancy dresses, but I tend to be really uncomfortable wearing one. I have my own world and I’d always love being alone. Ehem, I’m a chocolate devotee.


A mind game indeed. I’ve seen a lot of ideal names, however, I find ‘Wander Soul‘ really appealing. There are points needed to be listed down as to why it could be the total opposite of me. I love to travel to places, but I also choose to recluse and be a loner. But as I get to interact and unfamiliar faces along the way. I learned to take a leap on starting a beautiful soul journey. Thus, ‘Wander Soul‘ happened in the most unexpected point in time. But that doesn’t free me from being shy though. Nevertheless, I am working on it, and I am slowly jumping out of my comfort zone.


This blog serves as my online journal and confidant. This blog will also serve as a day book to my whereabouts and personal life. Expect for random jaunts and excursions from my giggling being featuring my friends, family and my boyfriend. From uploading photos of my little trips to listing down noteworthy records and stories to tell.


This blog is open for collaborations, sponsorship and reviews inline with the blog’s niche. For questions, comments and suggestions you’re always free to reach me on Facebook or Twitter. You can also email me at iamlouellamae@yahoo.com. Thank you and may you have a beautiful soul journey!