Day 1: Bohol, Philippines (Part 1)

Wander Soul | Bohol

Finally! It’s so good to be back. I don’t really know where to start as if I already forgot how to blog. For some of you who’ve been following me on twitter, well you know how busy I was, plus now that I am taking summer classes — school works, team no sleep & more. So for now, let’s get in to my recent whereabout. A week ago, my parents decided to spend labor day weekend at Bohol. Lucky enough they treated me and my boyfriend so we were able to come. So that’s a big shoutout to my parents and to my sister for financing this trip, thank you. I’d like to thank Kenneth, my boyfriend, for helping me out with the tweaking and making my blog a little bit more appealing, mwa.

Since I took so much photos and I don’t want them to go to waste, I’m gonna be making parts 1, 2 & 3 of our Day 1 in Bohol. So I hope this won’t bore you, haha. So since we’re all new in Bohol, well except for my boyfriend, my sister decided to make an itinerary. Then later on she decided to contact and hire a van we could use for the whole day. 9am and we’re already off to somewhere.

1. TARSIER SANCTUARY (📍Loay Interior Road, Loboc, Bohol)

Our first stop? meet up with our relatives, kidding. The last time I’ve seen tarsiers in person was 5 years ago, I think. Good thing we were able to go back, and this time, with my father. Although the hype was still in me, I honestly didn’t expect so much. Plus, travelling with Kenneth has always been what I look forward to, extra special added.

Wander Soul | Bohol
That’s my sister buying tix. 

It was still so early when we arrived, but the crowd didn’t mind. The place was so full but manageable. My parents were too giddy asking for photo-sesh here and there. Before we arrived, one thing I checked: “No camera flash“. I guess all of us already know how sensitive tarsiers can be, so please be mindful.

Wander Soul | BoholTarsier! Tarsier!

I’m not sure if you can actually see it, I’m sorry if it’s out of focus. To be honest, it was kinda’ hard to take photos of them since they are really that tiny and that there’s an actual distance for visitors not to get too close to them. Plus, they’re too shy, and cute. They all look just like my puppy, Peanut. 

Wander Soul | Bohol

Wander Soul | Bohol

Uhh, I know right? Too crowded. The crowd terribly drained my battery, but of course, this only explains how this place truly attracts people. And guess what? that’s a good thing. All I’m hoping is for them to be responsible enough to know what’s right or wrong since these tarsiers requires delicate care and protection as they are already endangered.

2. BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY (📍Poblacion, Bilar, Bohol)

If I were to ask where’s the most fun and memorable of the places we visited, my vote screams for Butterfly Sanctuary. Just like our first stop, I did not expect too much, wasn’t even expecting for another “jam-packed” area. But then again, surprise!

Wander Soul | BoholAgain, my sister buying entrance tix.

Entered the area without any knowing that each group is actually given a tour guide. Someone approached us asking for our number. Yep, Kuya guide! We were lucky we landed on a very cheerful and all-the-hype guide. If only I was able to record a video on how he accommodates his guests then it would be easier for you to see how fun the tour was. So for now, I’d like you to imagine a man playing Candy Crush and screaming “Divine! Miraculous!” every time he clicks for some snaps. I know it’s kinda’ hard to imagine, but yes, I totally had fun.

Wander Soul | Bohol

Wander Soul | Bohol

A butterfly suddenly landed on my left hand, Kuya guide told me I’m lucky. Ehem? It’s just a plus since I’ve already been too blessed, thank God. I really enjoyed the place since I’m a huge admirer of flowers and it’s everywhere in the place.

Wander Soul | Bohol

I don’t know any history about this place, so for this time I am quoting: “Bohol Butterfly Sanctuaries have been established by butterfly enthusiasts and are now gaining recognition. There are more or less 300 butterfly species native to the province and the sanctuaries are aiming to conserve and raise the butterfly population in the island.” – Bohol Philippines. From the butterflies to garden, they also offer different ice cream flavors (that I haven’t tried, which I think is organic) and other pasalubong goodies.

Wander Soul | Bohol*Drooling* lol, charot lang.

Wander Soul | Bohol

Wander Soul | Bohol

Wander Soul | Bohol

Now I know why some never hesitates to drop by because staffs are really accommodating, friendly and really funny. I don’t exactly know which place to go or what vehicle to take, so for a guide: Travel Guide To Bilar Garden, feel free to open the link. I’m not good with directions so I hope the link I posted would do better.

3. CHOCOLATE HILLS (📍 Carmen, Bohol)

The ever famous and most scenic chocolate in Bohol better than any other dark chocolate bars, the Chocolate Hills. Of course, it feels like a must! A Bohol itinerary wouldn’t be complete without experiencing cool air from the view deck and watching those cute-huge Hershey’s Kisses & Dunkin Donut’s choco butternut, that’s how I can imagine Chocolate Hills as it is. Yum yum!

Wander Soul | Bohol

Wander Soul | Bohol

There, looking great! Thank you for satisfying us with your dainty colors and nirvana. I hope next time when we come back I’d be able to take nicer photos. It’s so hard to even stay around since it’s really that crowded and the striking heat above is just too unbearable. Well, good thing it didn’t rain. It did, but we were already on our way to the Man-made forest.

Wander Soul | Bohol

Wander Soul | Bohol

Reminiscing how this place was totally different before the strong quake damaged Bohol. True, it totally changed but there are tiny bits that remained stable. And as you can see, yes, the place was too crowded on our visit. I’m not sure if it’s normal to have visitors that many like during normal days or is it because it’s a long weekend, hmm?

4. LOBOC MAN-MADE FOREST (📍Loay Interior Road, Loboc, Bohol)

Few days before this trip, my mother asked us to make an itinerary. She then suggested not to include Loboc’s man-made forest since she’s terrified of the idea that there might be terrorists around the place. Hmm, mader naman. But the morning of our trip, Kuya driver suggested why not? since the place is just along the next area where we’re headed so might at least take a moment to experience, take photos and leave. And then we all agreed.

Wander Soul | Bohol

The photo above is out of focus, but pagbigyan. Also, someone’s trying to lurk in. To be honest, it was quite challenging to take photos of the area because cars just won’t stop coming back and forth. It was fun though.

Wander Soul | Bohol

This place is chilly and really dainty. My heart was jumping with so much joy, despite of my stomach being very uncooperative that day, which was really a hassle. Nonetheless, if ever you happen to visit Bohol for the first time, just like the other places I’ve mentioned, this too, is a must!

So I guess I’m ending the first part here. It has been a long read, so I hope it didn’t bore you to tears. I’d be posting more photos on the next half. I might also be posting a day tour itinerary to Bohol if time permits. So that’s it! May you have a beautiful soul journey.

Bohol, Philippines

If you are looking for car rental, you may contact GVD (Bohol Rental): 09291130938

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  1. First of all… I love your photos!

    When my friends and I went to Cebu last February, we didn’t include Bohol in our itinerary. I wanted to, but sometimes it’s hard to plan things out. And I know it’ll be more expensive to visit Bohol after Cebu.

    I hope we can get the chance to go to Bohol soon. Probably next year, I don’t know. I love butterflies so I’m sure that the Butterfly Sanctuary will be the first place that I’ll visit. Haha.

    Again, I love your photos!

    1. You should. I guess it would be better if separate days kayong pupunta, ’cause Bohol really has a lot to offer and one day is never enough. Also, thank you, Karen! ☺️

  2. Lovely photos! What do you use to edit your photos? I haven’t seen a tarsier yet in real life. I only get to see them in videos and photos. I’m not sure where else tarsiers can be found aside from Bohol, though. We skipped Bohol when we were in Cebu just like Karen (I read her comment). But I still plan to visit this place one day. Aaand, I didn’t know you have a boyfriend. haha.
    Dianne Karol recently posted…Of Embracing ChangeMy Profile

  3. you know, I have always regretted that I never visited Bohol. I’ve always wanted to see the chocolate hills and tarsiers! The road looks so peaceful, uhhhh beautiful!

  4. I’ve been to Bohol twice and also to this spots but it’s really nice to see these photos. Reminds me of the time I went there. Have you heard of Hennan Beach Resort? I’m not sure of the spelling though, but it’s a lovely resort but pricey :(. If you can go there some other time, plleeeaase share your experience. haha Ganahn kaayu ko mka laag didto but waley money . Super expensive

    1. Yes, I’ve heard of it. And true, it’s that expensive na if mo inquire lang ka and them mo lapas ka ug 30 minutes didto kay you need to pay for it. Huhu Hopefully soon I’d get the chance to book a room or a day tour maybe, if money permits haha.

  5. Welcome back, Lou!!!

    Anyway, sayanga oi, when I went to Bohol last March, I wasn’t able to go on a City Tour kay the bloggers I was with were not first timers in Bohol so they didn’t go for the tour na. So naapil kos kahig since they can’t arrange a tour for just me man. Mao na akong goal jud is to go back to Bohol and mag tour najud ko! Hahaha

  6. I’m so jealous that you captured beautiful photos of the tarsiers hehe love everything about Bohol especially the man-made forest 🙂

  7. Glad you’re back to blogging, Lou! And your photos are always always well captured. There’s something in the tone of your photos that I really like! Oh and how I wish I can visit Bohol too but I don’t think it’s possible anytime soon as I have a huge plans coming up the couple of months.

    Lady Auradelle // Shoot, Eat, Write

  8. What a nice read! you deserve those little smiles we have after reading your blog! thank you so much for existing! 🙂

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