How I’m Able To Go On Little Trips

Whenever people ask me how I’m able to travel, I cringe. I cringe over the fact of being labeled as “traveler” when in all honesty I haven’t even been to places that far. Some people would say I have a “wonderful” life, then there’s me laughing because maybe it’s true, or maybe not. I grew up in a family who loves to go local places. I remember trekking early morning to a 1300 ft. mountain when I was still a grader then we’d go directly to a 500-steps shrine. Awwe, I was still so small when I started hike adventures. Although now that I am in college we don’t do it often as a family, rather I do it on my own or with my friends. Things back then compared to what I do now is reasonably different. Before, I don’t need to take away money from my wallet, but today, I’m in task of calculating and budgeting it on my own whenever I want to go out. So I’ve decided to make a short list just so you might want to know. 

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5 Reasons Why I Opted To Go Solo

Wander Soul

Solo travelling, going solo, or being alone for a trip doesn’t always equate to being lonely. For the so many reasons, solo travel has been a vogue in sightsee. I never held this opportunity to go solo as something I could show off just because it’s a trend, but something I could keep and buoy up that everyone can actually do it even for a day  ̶̶  expensive or not. I never actually thought I’d venture into something that is kind of unattainable, but now that I already made my first attempt it’s kind of a dream come true to me. My experience is a proof that even a scaredy-cat can absolutely be successful with it. I feel delighted, it’s never easy but I’ve managed to do so. And there are quite a lot of attainable reasons as to why I opted to go solo.

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