Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort: South’s Gem

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

It was after a bloody long week of final exams when I finally had a moment by the beach on our Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort excursion on the 2nd of April. I had a great time, though it would be more great if my monthly visit didn’t fall on the same day. It was so hassle, so painful but no worries because I had fun. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is located on serene Sumilon Island. It is located on the Southeastern tip of Cebu’s mainland. The island has an area of 24-hectares and is surrounded with a sparkling, clean water. 

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Solo Backpacking Day Trip to White Beach To Moalboal

Wander Soul | White Beach, Moalboal

Finally! After a long run of battling whether to go solo or not I’ve finally made it going out alone on a Saturday. I am aware that I’ve been enjoying good times with my friends that it keeps me outdated of what’s been happening with my negative thinking, but travelling solo made me realize on how is it truly to know your inner being. Sounds a bit deeper than I thought, but until this very moment I am still trying to grasp every happening during that day. Days before I finally decided to try it out was confusing and worrysome to think I am not really familiar with the place. I had to go through researches, asking a friend and had to deliberately convince myself to push through. Moalboal is a 3 to 4-hr ride away from the city of Cebu, so why not? Good thing I had extra savings in my wallet which swayed me to really go and enjoy.

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4 Places To Visit When In Tuburan, Cebu

Lucky enough I was invited to experience the undiscovered and hidden beauty of Cebu’s North, especifically in Tuburan. I had the opportunity to finally start a chapter of going out to places. It wouldn’t be possible without my sister and her friends who happened to be as out goers as I do. Travelling in a very limited budget should be a demand, or I must say that my topmost priority is finding the luxury through the memories we keep and the photos we take. With a budget of less than Php 500, I was able to experience places of wonders and eerieng beauty. Known for its natural magnificence, Tuburan is a sure place to visit. 

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