How I’m Able To Go On Little Trips

Whenever people ask me how I’m able to travel, I cringe. I cringe over the fact of being labeled as “traveler” when in all honesty I haven’t even been to places that far. Some people would say I have a “wonderful” life, then there’s me laughing because maybe it’s true, or maybe not. I grew up in a family who loves to go local places. I remember trekking early morning to a 1300 ft. mountain when I was still a grader then we’d go directly to a 500-steps shrine. Awwe, I was still so small when I started hike adventures. Although now that I am in college we don’t do it often as a family, rather I do it on my own or with my friends. Things back then compared to what I do now is reasonably different. Before, I don’t need to take away money from my wallet, but today, I’m in task of calculating and budgeting it on my own whenever I want to go out. So I’ve decided to make a short list just so you might want to know. 

1. I save a little from my allowance

Nope, my parents don’t fund me with my whereabouts. Instead, I try to save up a little and eat a little too, lol. Every time my mom would ask me if I already had my meal of the day, I’d always say I ate “champorado” for dinner or noodles for lunch. Of course, that’s something I will never suggest you to do.

Know what you need and limit on buying what you want.

As much as possible,  just go out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Save at least Php 20 to Php 50 a day.

Try to put half of your allowance somewhere you can’t get them easily.

2. I plan beforehand.

Every trip I go to, I plan. Even during a family getaway, I always try to google it first before leaving on the other day. That’s actually one way of being able to use your time wisely while on the road or somewhere. But if you’d want to be more adventurous with your trip, then go and get lost finely.

Ready your mobile data and use your google map along the way.

Google the exact place you’d land in to.

Make a list of the places you’d want to visit on that area.

Best thing to do, start with your itinerary.

Of course, don’t forget about the budget plan.

3. Free/ sponsored trips.

Lucky are those people who can go out of the city without giving away single centavo from their wallet. Yes, I’m talking about free and sponsored trips. Whenever I say sponsored, it’s either my parents are paying everything or a blog event I am joining. The time I started this blog, I only had two legit sponsored trips. One was in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort and the other one was in Tuburan, although my sister was the one who paid for me to blog about it.

I don’t think those on the list justifies it all. Just to make it short and readable, those are the top 3 why’s and wherefores’ on how I’m able to go on little trips. I know I quite suck at writing this kind of post but who knows in the future you’d hop on the same venture and do the same basic steps. Going out on a trip is a matter of requisite and being passionate about it. Always remember it’s not just about the photos you take, but considering how you’d able to live away from your comfort zone.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your tips! I think it’s a really good idea to plan ahead and the more you can save, the better. 🙂

    Have a great 2017!

  2. Thankfully I am no longer in that phase when people think I’m rich because I travel haha finally, they have realized I work hard and earn my own money to fund my trips. Hahaha

    So lucky of you to have sponsored trips! I wish I’ll have them too hehe and hopefully won’t conflict with my day job hahaha As for family trips, I won’t get any, because I’m the one sponsoring their trips hahaha
    Mei recently posted…2016: The Year of ChangesMy Profile

  3. I’m on that phase where people would just say I’m rich because of the places I’ve been, that I’ve been sponsored by my parents. Which is just frankly annoying. I saved up during the whole year of 2015 to travel at 2016. Hahaha! I only wish I can have sponsored trips soon, or at least discounted hotels lol.

    Haven’t visited your blog for a while. I love how it looks!

    1. Uhh, I wish I have the motivation to do such thing too. Now, I’m trying to join the 52-week money challenge, although I know it would be hard for a student like me but at least I am actually starting it out. 🙂

      Thanks, by the way!

  4. Wow po! How to be blagir like you <3

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