I Paid Php1020 For A Taxicab Instead of Php120

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I was never a keen observer about the news articles I read and headlines I watch on televisions about people forgetting their bags on a taxicab or either way giving the taxi driver the wrong amount of money, not until it happened to me just recently. As a student, of course, it’s so hard to even ride on a taxi to pay for a huge amount of money. And to be honest, I would always prefer jeepneys for practical reasons.

Just last Saturday, January 09, 2016 at around 2:30 AM, my friends (my sister’s classmates to be specific) and I rode a taxi from our school to our meeting place (that’s from the University of San Carlos – TC to Pacific Grand Mall in Mandaue – just so if you’re familiar with the place). We were heading for an out of town trip to North. Since it was still in the middle of people’s good night sleep, you’d totally expect a flawless drive and no traffic. We reached to our destination just for about less than 30 minutes, or was it? I’m not sure, but it was fast. We were five, I was seated at the backseat together with my  sister beside me, two friends and one is seated in front. We were there just in front of the Pacific Grand Mall when I was first asked to pay for our fare and that they’ll just pay me later that day. Then suddenly, Kuya Driver asked us if we heard him telling us that he’ll charge us additional P40 because we were five then. Then I calmly insisted that he didn’t, then he just agreed (because he really did not mumbled any word beforehand).

We were charged P110, and so I got my wallet on my hand, but it was too dark inside the cab that the lights won’t even work – pretty bad. I had a total of P1170 plus coins in my wallet. I wasn’t so conscious with the money inside my wallet that I didn’t mind paying those three Fifty peso paper bill. Let’s assume I gave the taxicab driver P120, then we decided to go out from the taxi, but one of my friends just stepped his feet out of the car when the driver suddenly speeded up while the door was still open, then my friend quickly closed it and we were laughing and was just curious why. While we waited for the others, I cautiously opened my wallet and found out I gave Kuya P1020 ($21.58) instead of handing him just P120 ($2.53). I was really fucked up at that time, I was blaming my sister and I was about to cry out of my stupidity – trying to hold my tears. “Karma“, that was the cursed word my friends blabbed about. We were there for more likely 5 minutes and all that’s left with me was the blame for myself and the cursed words for Kuya Driver. But I know it was my mistake – I really know.

All of a sudden, while I prayed, screamed in my heart some Karma, losing hope, and that I just totally lost the money I saved for this trip, a taxicab temporarily stopped just across the opposite lane in front of us and opened his door. Oh my goodness, it was the same taxi that I gave my P1020. I hurriedly ran across the taxicab and there! Kuya Driver was asking me if I was aware that I actually handed him P1000. “No, I just knew by the time you left“, I said. Then he returned it and my joy was up to heaven, and I gave him the three P50’s in return as well. I was sobbing real hard when I got it back.  Too bad for me that I actually failed to know his plate #, even failed to ask what’s his name. But I know he’ll be blessed with a piece of good fortune and strokes of luck more than the P1000 he returned for I know God never fails to perceive those who are good.

To Kuya Driver, I know that you see it yourself how you’ve done something really honest, and I commend you for that. I just hope everyone will do the same, & for that reason, my faith in humanity is restored.

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  1. I could have cried hard too, if that would happen to me (I still hope not!). When I was reading your story, I thought Kuya driver saw that you gave him 1000 that’s why he drove the taxi fast away. I’m really glad he went back to return your money. That’s such a great act, and I also believe that not all drivers would do the same. That’s a huge amount of money (well, for me) and the temptation is too strong when it comes to money. Thanks for sharing this, I ride taxi a lot and this blog post made me conscious about it now. Hope this won’t happen again.
    Dianne recently posted…Art In Island – A 3D Art Museum In Metro ManilaMy Profile

    1. I actually thought the same way too that’s why he drove fast. But his conscience killed him so he gave it back. I felt so stupid, such way too tanga act of me. Talagang dapat ingat, and keen lang. One thing I’ve learned from this experience, wag itabi yung malaking pera sa coins and 50’s or 20’s. Huhu

  2. For a second I thought the cab driver rushed because he knew you paid a lot, but turns out he was kind hearted and returned to give back the excess. But what keeps me wondering is why did he rushed to the point the he didn’t wait for your friend to close the door?

  3. Alright, it did not end like how I expect it to be but I was really glad that the driver is honest. I was about to rant how taxi drivers nowadays are really taking advantage of the people who just want comfort of riding cabs thus they choose it over bus and jeeps. Haha. I always experience the +50 deal they want. -_-

  4. He was so honest. I thought he already saw the 1000 and drove fast with it. He was so kind and considerate especially the fact na student ka pa. I’m so glad nabalik sayo ang 1000
    Dice recently posted…20 Years For MeMy Profile

  5. Aw, that’s sweet! Bumalik pa siya to return the extra money back. It’s nice to hear this kind of stories that show Filipinos can be honest too. Growing up in Manila, I’ve experienced a lot of really bad modus and I learned to be distrustful because of that. But at least, we know that there are still good people out there. 🙂
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  6. You’re so blessed that you’ve encountered such person. I just hope that you’ve learned your lesson to double check the money you’re going to give because nowadays, there are only a few who are honest. This kind of testimony really makes us see that the world isn’t bad after all. There’s still hope to change the bad to good and it starts within ourselves like Kuya Driver. Hihi 🙂

  7. From this blog post of yours, I could definitely say that there are still good people in this world. NAMAN! We just have to look in the right places, and sometimes they may come unexpectedly pa. Loved this story of yours, Ate Lou! Like what people say, “Faith in humanity — RESTORED.”

  8. Things like this, happen so be careful next time. Ako naman, lagi ako nagkakamali sa mga sukli. Kaya kapag tinatanong ako ng “mam meron po kayong lima?” Di na ako nagbibigay kasi nalilito ako, kaya mali nabibigay nilang sukli sakin. Haha.

    You were just lucky that the driver is kind and honest, that she gave your money back. Here in Manila, I learned to be really cautious of almost everything. And it’s still not enough, because I still don’t feel confident walking along the streets. There are a lot of modus around, so be careful. 🙂
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  9. In the many years that I’ve been riding cabs, I’m fortunate that I never had bad experiences aside from some drivers being really picky with passengers. But I once lost a PHP1,000 bill in a cab too, because of my own carelessness! Haha! Glad you got your money back! Kudos to Kuya Driver!

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