Undiscovered Paradise: Tinago Falls of Biliran Island

Tinago Falls | Wander Soul

It was a dried out Saturday evening when suddenly my parents decided to go out and get some groceries for our trip the next day, Sunday. I was so confused, yet very excited since it was my first time to set foot in Biliran Island, which is a bit far from our place. My parents had their first step on the island a few months back before their visit with me. Every time we go out of town, I would always suggest chips to munch and chocolates to enjoy while on the road. Seated at the front seat of the car, I was in awe of the green and well-preserved tall trees along the way. 

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Nature Adventure: Kawasan Falls of Badian, Cebu

Kawasan Falls | Wander Soul

Whenever I hear something about South Cebu, Kawasan Falls is always on top of the list to visit. I’m just too happy that before this year would end, I finally got to experience one of Badian’s lucky charms, the Kawasan falls. And when we hear of Kawasan Falls, in no doubt, Canyoneering is the best extreme activity that everyone should try. A waterfall sounds a bit frightening for someone who can’t swim, well, like me. To be honest, it’s not only the beauty of the falling water that excites me, but the trek through a blazing trail just to reach that certain spot, and then next, dipping on the side of the water is something that could terribly make an adventure completely astonishing. 

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Tangkaan Beach Resort

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach Resort

I almost forgot I still have pending post about my summer, and I’m trying to remember when was this, lol. Well, summer went off so fast that I am so bothered being not ready for school. And so we went to this beach called Tangkaan. Tangkaan Beach Resort is located at the Southern tip of Maasin City, in Padre Burgos. Tangkaan beach consists of beautiful rock formations and proves to be different from the many since it is a white sand beach, thus making the water so clear, while the rest of Leyte’s beaches is made of black sand. Anyway, it was so good. 

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