Monte Cueva, Maasin, Southern Leyte: A Holy Place

Wander Soul | Monte Cueva

This summer, perhaps, one of the best gifts I could spoil myself is to go to places I’ve been to before. Being a “probinsyana” (countrywoman) residing in Leyte, of course, has a lot of perks. Not only that I get to eat a lot because it’s summer break and I’m home, but also because Leyte as a whole has a lot of hidden paradise to bargain. One of which is one of Southern Leyte’s Holy places, Monte Cueva. This uphill shrine’s been existing for a very long time now, however there are still a lot of workings to be made.

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Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort: South’s Gem

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort

It was after a bloody long week of final exams when I finally had a moment by the beach on our Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort excursion on the 2nd of April. I had a great time, though it would be more great if my monthly visit didn’t fall on the same day. It was so hassle, so painful but no worries because I had fun. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is located on serene Sumilon Island. It is located on the Southeastern tip of Cebu’s mainland. The island has an area of 24-hectares and is surrounded with a sparkling, clean water. 

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5 Reasons Why I Opted To Go Solo

Wander Soul

Solo travelling, going solo, or being alone for a trip doesn’t always equate to being lonely. For the so many reasons, solo travel has been a vogue in sightsee. I never held this opportunity to go solo as something I could show off just because it’s a trend, but something I could keep and buoy up that everyone can actually do it even for a day  ̶̶  expensive or not. I never actually thought I’d venture into something that is kind of unattainable, but now that I already made my first attempt it’s kind of a dream come true to me. My experience is a proof that even a scaredy-cat can absolutely be successful with it. I feel delighted, it’s never easy but I’ve managed to do so. And there are quite a lot of attainable reasons as to why I opted to go solo.

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