4 Places To Visit When In Tuburan, Cebu

Lucky enough I was invited to experience the undiscovered and hidden beauty of Cebu’s North, especifically in Tuburan. I had the opportunity to finally start a chapter of going out to places. It wouldn’t be possible without my sister and her friends who happened to be as out goers as I do. Travelling in a very limited budget should be a demand, or I must say that my topmost priority is finding the luxury through the memories we keep and the photos we take. With a budget of less than Php 500, I was able to experience places of wonders and eerieng beauty. Known for its natural magnificence, Tuburan is a sure place to visit. 

Tuburan is a second income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines and is approximately 96.7 kms from the City of Cebu. Bounded on the North by the Municipality of Tabuelan. “Tuburan” developed from the Cebuano word Tubod, meaning “spring”. Aside from the vast collection of undiscovered majesty that hails in Tuburan, peculiar legends and myths are also common in the place.

It was  3 o’clock in the morning on the 9th of January 2016 when we depart from the City of Cebu and started our trip to Tuburan. (Note: The fare from North Bus Terminal to the municipality of Tuburan is Php 120 for V-hire and Php 100 for Non-airconditioned bus. The fare from Ayala Centre Cebu Terminal to Tuburan is Php 140 for V-hire. The trip to Tuburan usually takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours). We were lucky that one of my sister’s friends offered a ride so we were able to choose the time and we were able to save a hundred. 

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016Hello from the outside, like literally.

I thought I’d get caught with my eyes closed through the entire drive, but I was so wrong when the peaceful surroundings and a flood of twinkling stars was really visible. Indeed, it’s a precious one to at least feel a pollution free world for a few hours. I was in huge awe!

Tip: It would be better to depart as early as possible for you to have just the exact time to explore the place.

We were already in Tuburan just before the sunrise. It was around 6 o’clock or something when we started feeling all the side stories and creeps. We happened to have a really odd experience when we stopped by some of the bridges near Tabuelan. It’s a long story so I woudn’t mind telling you what it was. Since it was too early for a breakfast, we just bought pandesal in one of the bakeries around Tuburan. No need to worry, they have 7-eleven only that unfortunately, during our time of visit there was no electricity. After which, we headed to our real venture that you might want to enjoy yourselves too. Here are the places that I suggest you should visit when in Tuburan.

1. Molobolo Spring, Tuburan

When in Tuburan, it is always an expense of time to go and experience their refreshing and very relaxing cold spring water. The cold spring of Molobolo is directly connected to pools under the awning age-old trees that shelters the pool itself from the direct heat of the sun, thus, this makes the water even cooler.

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016Rady being Rady. 

There are pipes underneath the swimming pools that flows out to the sea that makes the water in the pool fresh and clean. The view from the spring is the scenic Molobolo beach just in close proximity. We stayed there for more likely an hour or two and you’ll really see that even locals enjoy this natural glory in any sense. (Note: Parking space is available which costs Php 60. Entrance fee for Kids is Php 10 and Adults for Php 20, but on some random days you can have the entrance fee for free and just pay for the parking space).

2. Marmol Cliff

I must say that this has been the most exciting part of our journey. But before that, we had our lunch before heading to an indeed tremendous adventure, an almost literal roller-coaster ride, lol. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon (needed to follow my sister’s itinerary for this) when we started setting off and rode a Habal-habal to Marmol Cliff. (Note: Leave your cars or motorbikes in Tuburan if you have one, better off ride habal-habal because drivers are experienced and expert about the place. You can see a lot of them just nearby 7-eleven, and the fare is Php 100/pax back and forth. Make sure to negotiate first, and let them wait or else you’ll end up walking distance to distance from Marmol Cliff back to the Municipality).

Wander Soul | Tuburan 20163 Habal-habal for us since we were 8 in all. I was with Ekim and Rady. 

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

This could have been the most fascinating experience in my life while riding a Habal-habal, this habal-habal turns into a Jetski – sounds funny but I am serious. It took us more or less 15 minutes to finally reach to our destination. It was literally one hell of a ride lol.

Note: Upon reaching the Marmol Cliff, better ask for permission to the spirits that dwell around the place, “Tabi! Agi lang mi” (Make way, we’re passing through). Please avoid the noise and loud talks for this place is taw-an

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

It was said that once the spirits or diwatas get disturbed or annoyed by the loud voices of the people exploring the place, either you’ll take a photo of the place and it won’t be visible from your camera or someone will appear in the photo. It’s kind of creepy and interesting, but better follow rules.

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Marmol Cliff is Tuburan’s famous gigantic twin marble rock. Marmol Cliff is said to be the spot where Maria Cacao’s story lies. I’ve read about this myth, you can read it yourself in Kasugiran ni Maria Cacao.

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

It was kind of unfortunate for us because the water was really low and that we were not able to use the “floating bamboos” as I call it. We ended up spoiling our shoes/slippers soaking them wet up to the knee length. As you can see, everyone kinda’ seem to have cameras with them, we were actually there for a video/photoshoot for my sister’s school stuff. I surely recommend Marmol Cliff if you’re around Tuburan.

3. Dao Tree /da’o/

After spending an hour in Marmol Cliff, we went back to the Municipality of Tuburan for our next stop, Dao Tree. Dao Tree is located in Barangay Jagbuaya, Tuburan. (Note: Better ask locals around Jagbuaya for directions to Dao Tree since it’s away from the main road). It actually took us a couple of minutes just to find this giant local tree which is approximately two hundred years old with a diameter more than 7 cubic meters.

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Dao Tree could be possibly one of the centennial trees in the Philippines. From afar, just by watching the tree alone, I thought nothing is special about it and thought it was just as fine as the trees surrounding it, but when one of my friends stood just beside it you’ll really see how big it is. Some people are encourage to visit this one of a kind tree and witness its fascinating beauty.

4. Adela River, Tuburan

This river is one of the grandest rivers in Tuburan. They linked Daan Lungsod and Barangay 2. Due to its pleasing water that flows straightfowardly to the sea, many of the locals would jump at the bridge and swim directly to the river. (Note: Be cautious enough to ask for locals first if it’s safe to dive). 

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

Wander Soul | Tuburan 2016

You see, the water is so clean. The trees surrounding the river itself helps in maintaining a fresh and uncontaminated water from the river. Adela River Bridge has an approximate length of 0.04 kilometres.  A lot of people purposely visit the place because of its natural beauty and its cleanliness.

Truly, Tuburan is bountiful of a well-preserved beauty of the mother nature. It’s so surpising how I never expected so much from the place but turns out to be something really worth going. The Philippines is indeed wealthy of the undiscovered equisiteness. The attractions we visited is presented with its uniqueness and interesting styles. And I am sure, as for the years ahead Tuburan will genuinely gain its progress.

Note: Let’s help keep the place clean by not throwing any trash. Be responsible and do your task in keeping Tuburan’s eco-tourism campaign progressing.



I did not intend to put our budget expenses since we only paid for the back and forth habal-habal ride to Marmol Cliff for Php 100/pax. While miscellaneous are not included. Our budget was less than Php 500/pax. (What to bring: Extra clothings, money, camera).

Disclosure: Some of the photos were taken by me. While others are owned by  Rady James Bagnol and Ekim Bargamento Manacap, and I am solely crediting them. In addition, this post is not sponsored by the LGU of Tuburan.

Experience and Relax Tuburan, Cebu, Philippines

Municipal Hall; Barangay Poblacion, Tuburan, Cebu
(032) 463 9218

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    1. Perks of being friends with your sister’s barakadas; you get to let them feel a little of your introversion, you get to travel with them. And soon you’re finally visiting! 😀 Yay, hoping to really see you Alissa.

  1. I’ve been to Tuburan because some of my cousins live there. I actually thought it was just a small town but hey it looks like there are a lot of places to explore.

    I have visited 1/4 on your list. Haha. Though I am not really sure because that was two years ago, and I don’t really bother knowing the details especially if someone else organize it. Haha but I’m 90% sure, that’s the exact place because it looks really familiar. And I remembered, I thought it was actually a pool but when we dipped, we were shocked that the floor is not cemented/tiled. Haha. And I think there’s also beach beside that, where we also swam despite of it being rocky and low tide. Haha.

    The Marmol Cliff looks really pretty and I’ll make sure to visit when I go back to Tuburan. Actually, my mama is in Tuburan right now. Haha I hope to get back to Cebu soon! But not this year I think haha
    Mei recently posted…Fort Santiago: A Glimpse of the PastMy Profile

    1. Woah, I didn’t even knew this place existed. Perhaps, Tuburan (the place in general) is not quite known around Cebu. Even my friends who live somewhere in the provinces of North and South don’t know the place. I’m glad you actually experienced the place before. I wonder what you’ll discover new from that of what you experienced two years ago. I do hope you’d visit soon! 🙂

  2. This is my kind of adventure! Whoaa, The Molobolo Spring makes me want to dive into the water! ? The Marmol Cliff looks like an awesome place to visit too, just look at that rock wall formations. Though the place gives out this creepy vibes and I kinda like it. ? Haha, Ahh so many beautiful places in Cebu! This is why I really want to go to Cebu na talaga!! Ang lapit lang sana eh. huhu ?

    1. It’s much nicer when you’re actually there, Tel. I’ve seen photos before I actually experienced a really great scenery; so beautiful indeed, much more in person. The stories about such places will totally interests you. Really hope you’d visit soon, and I will be glad if you’d message. 🙂 Tour kita!

  3. Very nice photos Lou! I’ve been to Tuburan but not for sight-seeing, only to accompany my trainees to get their NBI clearance on the same day. We were riding the company van and so I got the chance to breath in fresh air! But that’s it, hehe. No touristy laag or whatsoever. Maybe next time. 😉
    Rea recently posted…Officially Unemployed!My Profile

  4. Hi Lou! I love the colors of your photos! So crisp and creamy haha I don’t know how else I should describe it. It’s so beautiful. I hope I’ll visit these places with my friends soon 😀

  5. So glad to come across your blog. I’m planning to go to Tuburan this April 2017. Do you happen to know if there are hotels, resorts, or pension houses in Tuburan?

    1. Hello Isabela. I am not so sure what to recommend since we didn’t push through with an overnight stay, but I am pretty sure there are a lot of accommodations that people there would love to recommend. Have fun! 🙂

  6. I realized that I’ve been living in Tuburan since 1/1/2017 now and I have just been working and working and working and not actually exploring anything, let alone did I know exactly where to explore. Lo and behold, your suggestions and explanations are marvelous. Thanks big time for putting this together, Lou! I’ll be for sure reading your blog for suggestions on what to do with my leisure time here in Cebu, then actually getting out, taking plenty of pictures, and maybe actually making some friends for once along the way!

    1. Oh wow, I think it’s finally time to have some day off, Cody. Also, going out for some time is really a good thing to ease the mind and free yourself from all the stress. It’s never too late to explore! 🙂

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