Tangkaan Beach Resort

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach Resort

I almost forgot I still have pending post about my summer, and I’m trying to remember when was this, lol. Well, summer went off so fast that I am so bothered being not ready for school. And so we went to this beach called Tangkaan. Tangkaan Beach Resort is located at the Southern tip of Maasin City, in Padre Burgos. Tangkaan beach consists of beautiful rock formations and proves to be different from the many since it is a white sand beach, thus making the water so clear, while the rest of Leyte’s beaches is made of black sand. Anyway, it was so good. 

We went there just after a heavy trek during our visit to Monte Cueva, so yes it was of the same day. I’ve visited Tangkaan before, twice I guess. I was still so young back then, and so happy to be back with a few changes. I’m also happy how they truly maintained the cleanliness around the place. I actually felt like I was in Cebu, to think Padre Burgos has the only white sand beach around the province of Leyte, or am I right?

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

From Ormoc City to Maasin, it usually takes 2 to 3 hours but it’ll be more fast and accessible with private cars. But no worries, there are a lot of bus terminals in between that would take you to your destination. From the city of Maasin to Padre Burgos, it would take not more than 45 minutes. I bet there are motorcrycles or habal-habals that would take you to the beach. (Note: Be more vigilant, and negotiate with the drivers first). Upon reaching, parking areas are provided for Php 60. There is a private resort and just a few steps down is the public beach. Entrance fee is only Php 5, which is very affordable. And cottages are usually at around Php 100 to Php 500.

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Since most of the beaches in Leyte consist of black sand, perhaps Tangkaan Beach Resort is a lot different and in demand. Though it is in demand, only a few still get to visit the place from time to time. We were there during a weekday, it was so peaceful, but people there told us it gets really crowded during the weekend. I was so happy we were able to enjoy it like we were the only people there.

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

With the Php 5 entrance fee, you’ll get to enjoy a crystal clear water with the view of the Limasawa Island and a very peaceful & out of this country vibe. With my cravings for the salt water, I hurriedly plunged in to the water. I was aiming for a tan skin but I ended up with a tomato face.

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Island life it is. Before we went straight to the beach, we had a stop over at Padre Burgos’ market to get something we can eat. Happy tummy because we had some Sinugba and my mom’s home-made chicken, plus a bottle of Coke and the view. It was a day I couldn’t be more happier than just being with my family enjoying a good time by the beach.

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

Wander Soul | Tangkaan Beach

I would love to tour you around. I want to go back too! #Summer2016 was a great one, I would honestly love to rewind the funfilled moments I got to spend with my family. Summer is by far the longest break I could get to spend in the province. Whether “school stuff” like it or not, I always grab the chance to go home. During summer, I get to spoil myself with all the little trips me and my family never planned about. Glad to have parents who are always on the go.

What to love about Tangkaan Beach Resort

1. No Karaoke. I love how they never planned on putting one to maintain the solemnity of the place.

2. Lavish place with a cheap and affordable entrance fee and cottages.

3. Unpolluted water and the place as a whole.

4. Undiscovered by tourists, appreaciated by locals.

I want to list a whole lot more, but I want you to discover it yourself. Hope this trip is convincing enough to let you try it on your own. Yes, I will hundred percent recommend the place. Oops, a lot of people were saying sharks could be anywhere there even on shallow areas, but I don’t think so. We enjoyed it a lot, but still pay more care. Visit soon?

Tangkaan Beach Resort, Padre Burgos

Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte
Phone: 0935 352 9379

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  1. it’s a peaceful place for peaceful people haha karaoke should not ruin that. I can honestly say CEBU has many beautiful places. this one is undiscovered, it makes it more interesting 😀
    Kandice recently posted…with all of thatMy Profile

  2. Your photos are gorgeous, as always, Lou! I’ve always wanted to go to Leyte kay murag naay daghan beaches nga dili kaayo dungog dira. But I still don’t have the courage to travel far on my own. I’m such a baby. :3 Haha. Love the way you post-process your photos jud! I love the feel in the photos. <3
    Alyssa recently posted…Learning CalligraphyMy Profile

  3. Wow! the water is so clear, i hope i can visit there one day. Me and my friends love visiting places like that we just dont have the time lol. The photos btw are beautiful 🙂

    1. It’s actually really very painful. Though the other side of the beach is sand naman so it’s all good 🙂 We just prefer there since it’s the closest to our cottage. Thanks for dropping by, Da! 🙂

  4. I’ve been to Leyte before, but that was years ago! Sobrang bata ko pa, di ko na maalala hahaha
    I hope to get to explore more of Visayas, considering most of my relatives are from the region. I often visit Cebu and Bohol! Hehe

    I’d definitely check this beach resort if given a chance to go to Leyte someday! I love how peaceful it is! Also, I like that there are places like this that only the locals know. When I went to Bohol last June, I also discovered another place that only the locals know of. 🙂
    Mei recently posted…Changes & ChallengesMy Profile

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